Roboquery Security


Customer confidence and data security is critical to everything we do at Roboquery. We are committed to providing our customers with a highly secure and reliable environment and keep the data safe. We have therefore developed a security model that covers all aspects of cloud-based Roboquery systems.

Protecting Data in Transit

Roboquery uses industry standard Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) to create a secure connection using 128­bit Advanced Encryption Standard (“AES”) encryption. This includes all data sent between the web application and Roboquery servers. There is no non-­TLS option for connecting to Roboquery. All connections are made securely over the https protocol.

Protecting Data at Rest

Roboquery ensures the security and privacy of user information by not storing any sensitive data at rest (such as User passwords) on all servers. Our systems are designed to ensure data is protected at all times. Specifically, User passwords are neither collected nor stored.

System Monitoring, Logging and Alerting

Roboquery monitors servers to retain and analyze a comprehensive view of the security state of its production infrastructure. Roboquery collects and stores production servers logs for analysis.

Network Security

Roboquery uses Cloudflare to prevent Distributed Denial of Service attacks and for Web Application Firewall services.

Access Control

All customer data is considered highly sensitive and protected, and access is restricted. Only authorized and trained members of the Roboquery team have direct access to production systems and user data. Those who do have direct access to data are only permitted to view it in aggregate or for troubleshooting purposes. User data is only viewed by Roboquery employees for troubleshooting purposes when consent has expressly been provided ahead of time by the account owner or team administrator.

Physical Security

Our systems are hosted at Google Cloud in the United States. These data centers employ leading physical and environmental security measures, resulting in highly resilient infrastructure. For more information about Google Cloud security practices, please navigate to the GCP security page

Protecting Users Payment Information

We do not store any payment information. Payments are handled and stored by the trusted payment gateway, which follows all strict industry standards.

Looking not to store any data on our servers?

By default, we keep user data (in a secure manner) for both our customers' convenience and for troubleshooting purposes. Said that, customers can decide to disable these capabilities, to make sure none of their data is kept on our servers. To do so, please contact us to make sure past data will be deleted as well.