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Datawarehouse code convertor

Accelerate your cloud migration. Save thousands of developer hours and reduce end user disruption. Roboquery converts all your database objects and sql queries from one data warehouse platform to another (Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Redshift, Hive, Databricks, SparkSQL, Impala, Snowflake, Google BigQuery)

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Why use Roboquery ?

⭐  Its Faster - Roboquery converts your schemas in few seconds, thereby accelerating your cloud migration
⭐  Its Accurate - Avoid human errors while moving to the cloud
⭐  Saves Effort - Roboquery saves thousands of your valuable developer hours and brings down your costs

What does it do ?

Roboquery is a schema conversion tool, it,

✔️ Converts your Table DDLs from one datawarehouse platform to another
✔️ Converts your View DDLs from one datawarehouse platform to another
✔️ Converts your SQL Scripts from one datawarehouse platform to another
❌ Roboquery only converts the database objects, It does not port the actual data in those tables

How it works

⭐ Simply copy-paste the SQL query or DDL from your source
⭐ Choose your target platform and click convert
⭐ Viola! you are done, its fully online tool. No complex setups or developer training is needed
⭐ Roboquery is the easiest way to rewrite all your database objects while moving to the cloud

Security and Privacy

Data security and Customer confidence is critical to everything we do at Roboquery. We are committed to providing our customers with a highly secure and reliable environment and keep the data safe. We have therefore developed a security model that covers all aspects of our cloud-based systems. Click here to read more about the security measures we take to protect our customers data.

NoWe do not require any access to your database or the actual data
NoThe application transmits all data using a secure protocol (HTTPS)
NoWe do not track or share your personal info with anyone
NoWe will not spam your email, trust us, we have better things to do

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