Technical Support Services

Dataexceed LLC will provide technical support services relating to the SaaS Services via webform at or via the roboquery community forum. Support services are available in English language.

Technical support services are provided in the form of tickets, categorized as follows:

  • Incidents - Technical in nature, where the Roboquery Platform is not working as designed or in the way the solution has been architected, signed-off on and delivered to the Customer. Misconfigurations or issues generated by incorrect data provided by the Customer or its business partners are not considered incidents
  • Help Request (Question /Assistance request) - Platform usage and end-user assistance including services available to the requester's user or company account. Training and enablement for users on services, options and business interaction requirements or integration layer failure troubleshooting and following assistance.
  • Service Requests - Configuration change requests / minor enhancements in the current customer implementation including but not limited to certain Roboquery provided non-self-serviceable services on the customer account

Support Hours

Type of Ticket Support Hours
Any From 9 AM to 5 PM during normal business days in the EST time zone

Support SLA

Type of Ticket Response Targets
Incident Incidents responded to within 2 business days
Help Request Help Requests responded to within 2 business days
Service Request Service Requests responded to within 3 business days