Migration guide for Teradata to Bigquery conversion - Introduction

This Comprehensive Knowledge base helps you migrate from Teradata to Google BigQuery. Teradata & BigQuery are different - There are several Behavioral, SQL and Architecture differences between the two. This Knowledge base will be very helpful during your conversion. This Knowledge base is constantly being updated as we discover any new incompatibilities

What is Google BigQuery ?

Google BigQuery is Fully Managed cloud data warehouse from Google. BigQuery can handle petabyte scale of data in its cloud data warehouse. Below are some of the impressive features of BigQuery:

  • Auto-scaling of Storage and Compute
  • Serverless
  • Pay per Use - True SAAS Model
  • Innovative features like Time-Travel, BQ ML
  • Robust Security
  • Seamless integration with the cloud ecosystem - Including AI Notebooks, GCS, Cloud SQL, Data flow, Data Prep, IAM etc.
  • Streaming Ingestion

Why Migrate to Google BigQuery from Teradata  - The Benefits

  • Support users at scale with BigQuery's auto scaling feature
  • Zero Upfront investment. Pay as you go
  • No Infrastructure to be managed
  • Powerful, Can handle Petabyte Scale
  • Cost Savings. You don't pay for unused capacity

Converting Teradata Objects to BigQuery:

Roboquery lets you convert Teradata Table DDL, View DDL & SQL Queries to Bigquery. Roboquery takes care of all the incompatibilities and automatically converts them to Bigquery. Roboquery convertor is very simple to use and its just as easy as a simple copy and paste. Give it a try now. No Signup is required

Roboquery is also available as,